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Saturday, December 29, 2012

I am happy today.

Im so busy with work that i dont have time to contact anyone for a really long time but today BattyChoo (i have a habit of calling people by their full name i have no idea why) came all the way down from her home looking for me (which is really really far away)   just to pass me a belated christmas present.

What really surprised me was, she actually remembered what i like and she's also the only one who would go to all the trouble just to give me a present.

I don't get alot of surprises like this especially from friends so i'm really happy. The last time someone gave me a surprise was Joyce plus it was a really long time ago which was on my birthday.

Anyway, heres what Battychoo gave me and i swear i will luv this forever and ever :

Hontoni arigato.