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Thursday, November 8, 2012


I think i can already see how will i be living for the next 30 years of my life LOL.

Study > Work > Grow old > Die alone in a 1 room flat.

Even the closest person to you are gonna backstab/betray someday, i think its better to be wary of everyone right now than to be sorry later.

I still cannot get over why can't everyone be real. -..-

Whats so difficult about that? Like, some people claimed to hate a certain someone and yet you still see them buddy-buddy with the person they hate + its even worst that sometimes people already made it so clear they don't even intend to keep the friendship going bc they already met new people in their lives yet those thick-skinned people still wanna stick their face right to those people's butt.

LOL. I dont like people who are pretentious and who don't stick up for themselves. Pleasing everyone like some lost puppy. And in the end? You get nothing. LOL.

Everyone in my life are like this, including my "friends" and thats why, i have no friends.

I rather be alone, than to face this kind of people everyday. Fucking sick to my stomach that people like this even exist. ヾ(∵`)ノ

Then y'know how some people never really talk to you at all most of the time in your life yet one day they started speaking to you just so that they can get something out of you?

These people, i usually won't even bother. I know, in this world, everyone's just making use of one another... blahblah.

But then, like i said, its better to be wary now than to be sorry later.

Plus i feel that, people shouldnt just barged into someone else's life and messed it all up just to get something they wanted and then leave. Its either you stay from the beginning till the end, or you don't even bother coming at all.

Damn it. Whats wrong with most people nowadays. Zzz.